Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Training Tuesday - 2

Yes, I have felt overwhelmed. Quite often, really. I am at a point where health is key, but pounds need to melt away. During the past week, I have researched what to do so that I will BLAST FAT & BUILD MUSCLE. I learned that I am an endomorphic apple! Yes, I am blessed to be round and carry my weight in my middle....like an apple. I have come up with a new training schedule that I hope will BLAST away that belly FAT and at the same time BUILD MUSCLE everywhere. If you are endomorphic and/or an apple, let me know what you do to lose fat and slenderize the apple appearance.

Here is my new workout/training schedule! I plan to follow this for the next six weeks and then re-evaluate my needs.

am - HIIT kettlebell workout
pm - sculpting class & spinning class at YMCA

am - run for 40 minutes or more
pm - weight training

same as Tuesday

same as Wednesday

HIIT cardio anytime

active rest 

same as Wednesday and Friday

I have it within me, RIGHT NOW, to get me to where I want to be later!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Training Tuesday - 1

OK. I do struggle to keep up on my blog. In attempt to better keep up, I am going to start this series: Training Tuesday. Each Tuesday I will post my workouts for the week. Feel free to call me out on them and ask me how I'd doing. :) THANKS!

Spinning Class
5k homework with Grace and Hannah


Spinning class
5k homework with Grace and Hannah


Saturday - Sunday:
Happy Easter! We will be out of town. Reality...I probably won't do much. I will purpose to walk more, stand more, do a few squats and lunges throughout the day, and do some push-ups!

5k class

A busy couple of months!

Here it is...the end of March and I haven't posted in a long time. Nothing new, huh? I have, however, been busy running and working out! Yay! I ran my first 5k of the year on January 3. It was a PR, but I am not sure I believe it....my GPS was acting up and I don't think that it was accurate. Never the less, one done. 

Marlee and Me
I attempted to do a run, Run FUR Fun, on January 27 with our dog, Marlee. Well, it was a total flop! She hasn't had enough training to run with me...or I haven't had enough training to run with her. I can't count it as a completed 5k for the year, but it was a learning experience.

My girls, 14 year old twins, want to run in a fun run or two with me this year. In February, I took them to our local YMCA and together, we joined the couch potato to 5k class. We have class once a week and homework to complete during the week. They are doing great! We plan on running in a glow run and/or a color run in April and we have been BLESSED with gifts of PAID REGISTRATION to the Dirty Girl mud run in June. Very exciting!

I've also been doing weight training a few times a week. I use the Activ Trax program at the YMCA. Activ Trax provides customized strength training workouts. It is a web-based program that creates a new workout each time I go, based on my goals and abilities.  

FOOD! I love food. I am learning to relate to food in terms of fuel to keep me going, medicine to keep me healthy, and it is a GIFT - not the enemy.

Here is a new recipe I am going to try this week...maybe this morning!

Cottage Cheese Cupcakes
1 egg
4 egg whites
1 cup cottage cheese
1 apple, peeled and grated
cinnamon to taste
sweetener to taste

Preheat oven to 350
Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl
Divide into 10 cupcakes
Bake for 30 minutes.

Nutritional facts:
45 calories
5 grams protein
2.5 carbs
1.4 grams fat
a bit of fiber :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

13 in 2013

I am looking forward to this year. I ran my first 5k a few years ago, when I weighed nearly 200 pounds. It was tough, but I did it...and then I didn't run again! A year later, after running had been a lingering thought in the back of my head and I had lost a significant amount of weight, I decided to run again. I'd go out once in a while, sometimes fairly regularly, but I wasn't really diligent. My girls and I ran a powerpuff 5k together and then I ran the Joplin Memorial run. It was great, but again...I quit. I had this, almost constant, internal conversation;

'I wanna be a runner. I am a runner. I can't be a runner. What run shall I do next? I can't, I'm not diligent enough. Good grief, I'm always thinking about running. If I am always thinking about it, I must really want to do it. Why don't I?'

I know, right? Crazy! Well, it is time to get diligent about this running thing that I am diligently pondering. I have officially joined 13 in 2013! I am excited to have made this commitment. I am going to run a variety of 5k races this year...13 of them! I do wish I had gone out on January 1 to break the new year in with a race, but I didn't.  It isn't too late for you to join and it doesn't have to be a 5k. Whatever race you prefer, how about doing 13 of them this year!?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A look back; 2012. A look ahead; 2013.

I smashed 2012, literally! My smash book is nearly complete. I need to get a bunch of pictures printed and added to the book and then it will be done! Yay! 


Ahava Genevieve Sheafer
Reflections ~ 2012: girlfriends and Florida (Keegans Grille, Ghirardelli, 4-seater surrey, hot tub hairy-man, Landry's,.....amazing!), I turned 40 and found out that I was going to be a granny (awesome!), I almost lost my husband (so thankful for paramedics and LIFE), HCM Gala, Pennel family vacation at Monkey Island, Grace and Hannah ran their first 5k with me, I ran the Joplin Memorial, my kids went to prom for the first time (thanks to the 'Toddards' :) for their friendship!), we had chickens, summer Olympics, many motorcycle adventures...a NEW motorcycle...caught in a rainstorm on our first ride on the new bike!!!, WHOLE conference, cousins White Cloud weekend, swing dance social with my kids, green smoothies, Rangers football....John broke his hand, Brie threw an amazing shower for Trevor and baby girl, Ahava, Eureka Springs adventure with my man, we celebrated our 18th anniversary....Grammie and Grampie celebrated their 70th!!! I held my firstborn grand-baby, Ahava. I learned to love me, simply for me.

A new year ~ 2013. 
**#13in2013....13 5ks of various kinds - mud runs, memorial run, foam 
   run, color run, night runs, etc. I am excited and I look forward to each of them. 
**Yay for kettlebell workouts! I just received my first kb for Christmas and now I am 
  working to purchase more! I am going to work  hard to firm up using kb and tabata workouts! 
**I'm going to support my disc golfers. Chris and John are both playing in the PDGA World 
  Championship tournament as well as others. Fun excitement!
**Read more, mostly non-fiction books that will encourage and challenge me. 
**Capture our life with pictures. I haven't taken many in the past year or so.
**Listen to the "little" things more diligently, because they are really the big things in life.
**Organize my grocery shopping and be more frugal! 
**Family dinner table more often
** I am going to love me. I am a pretty, cool woman. 2012 was a great year of realizing that 
  and I want it to continue in 2013 


Saturday, March 31, 2012


Although tribulations walk the path with God's children, we take comfort knowing that He has traveled it ahead of us. We have His presence and sympathy to cheer us, His grace to support us, and His example to teach us how to endure.
Life can be messy. I'm thankful for a heart check...for grace...that I continue to grow up in Him...His promises carry me.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

tonic Tuesday: what are you craving?

I started tonic Tuesdays forgetting that Tuesday is our homeschool co-op day. Thus, the late post.

The question is, What's Really Going on Here?

                             What are you really craving?

What is craving? It is something you long for, that you really want, you might even beg for it!

We were made to crave!
                                       Crave what?

The Lord!
              He created us to be His friend, to spend time with Him, to go to Him with our struggles.

Do you? Do you pray about your food choices? I'm not talking about the 'thank you God for my food, please bless it' prayer. I'm talking about inviting Him to oversee what you eat...to be mindful of the nudging of the Holy Spirit when He draws you away from the food your emotions...hormones...frustrations...joys crave.

The success of my journey is dependant on joining together with the God who created me and walking with Him in my food (health!) choices. I do crave Him and I want to HONOR HIM in my eating. It might sound silly, but food is such a struggle for me...my cravings are often a symptom of something bigger ~ deeper. God really is the only one thing that can fill that craving.

So, what are YOU really craving?