Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Training Tuesday - 2

Yes, I have felt overwhelmed. Quite often, really. I am at a point where health is key, but pounds need to melt away. During the past week, I have researched what to do so that I will BLAST FAT & BUILD MUSCLE. I learned that I am an endomorphic apple! Yes, I am blessed to be round and carry my weight in my middle....like an apple. I have come up with a new training schedule that I hope will BLAST away that belly FAT and at the same time BUILD MUSCLE everywhere. If you are endomorphic and/or an apple, let me know what you do to lose fat and slenderize the apple appearance.

Here is my new workout/training schedule! I plan to follow this for the next six weeks and then re-evaluate my needs.

am - HIIT kettlebell workout
pm - sculpting class & spinning class at YMCA

am - run for 40 minutes or more
pm - weight training

same as Tuesday

same as Wednesday

HIIT cardio anytime

active rest 

same as Wednesday and Friday

I have it within me, RIGHT NOW, to get me to where I want to be later!

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