Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look Deeply

Today was a wonderful day. Chris and I took the kids to the the creek to play. The temp. was around 90 and they were ready to 'swim' and play. I took my chair, my water bottle, and my book. I am reading The Foxfire Book and really enjoying it. "this is the way I was raised up" is the name of the first chapter. One of the quotes brought so much emotion to my heart... I cried sitting right there in my chair in Hickory Creek. Here is the quote: '"seames as every body was happie to."

Late 1800's, work was hard and life required steady, hard work from everyone. They were "happie."

As I sat there pondering this, I watched my kids down the creek. They were laughing, working together, living a simple-together, old-fashioned fun day.

I cried some more. My kids 'require' computers, facebook, video games, Disney Channel, air conditioning, and much attention... then they are happy. UNTIL we get away from all of those things...when we do, they discover REAL happiness.

I believe that Neosho is taking me back to "this is the way I was raised up" and I'm so glad we are here. Life is slower, demands are less, and I LIKE to be an old-fashioned girl. I want to make my own soap, grow my own food, and live a simple-together, old-fashioned life. Balance is key. I do live in 2010, but 2010 isn't going to consume me or my children. I want to 'look deeply' at my life and really live it.

Hey, I might even dress my own hog and build a log cabin! Just kidding, but if you read the'll learn all the details of both.

Happy Living!